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Registration for the RAMOO Workshop 2024

18.04.2024|11:48 Uhr

The Workshop on Recent Advances in Multiobjective Optimization (RAMOO 2024) will be held on 12.-13. September at the University of Wuppertal.

RAMOO 2024 is a two-day workshop with two keynote lectures, two tutorials and about 10 invited talks. We are pleased to announce that Anita Schöbel (RPTU Kaiserslautern/Fraunhofer ITWM) and Anthony Przybylski (University of Nantes) will give the keynote lectures. Further information on the RAMOO Workshop 2024 can be found at https://www.opt.uni-wuppertal.de/en/ramoo/

Registration for the RAMOO Workshop 2024 is now open until August 1st, 2024 at https://www.opt.uni-wuppertal.de/en/ramoo/registration/

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