Optimization Group

Projects and Collaborations

GIVEN - Shape Optimization for Gas Turbines in Volatile Energy Networks

Within the GIVEN project, multiobjective shape optimization methods for gas turbines are developed using modern, adjoint approaches.

Website: www.given-project.de

Bergisch.Smart - Artificial Intelligence Enabling Tomorrows Mobility

The working group on optimization contributes to two subprojects of Bergisch.Smart: "AI-Based Traffic Management and Cooperative Digital Map Services" and "Smart Vehicle Architecture and On Demand Services for the Mobility of Tomorrow".

Project website: www.bergischsmartmobility.de

IZMD - Interdisciplinary Center Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Klamroth and Dr. Michael Stiglmayr are members of IZMD and represent the interface between machine learning and optimization.

Website: www.izmd.uni-wuppertal.de

BIT - Bergisch Innovation Platform for Artificial Intelligence

The working group optimization is represented with a subproject in the bergisch innovation platform for artificial intelligence

Project website: bit-ki.de

SAssO/PVP - School Assignment Optimizer

Software development of a system to automatically find optimized traineeships for master of education students of universities in North Rhine-Westphalia

Link to the project website

Last modified: 20.10.2022

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