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GOR Dissertation Prize

12.09.2023|15:09 Uhr

Dr. Julia Sudhoff Santos (second from right) together with Prof. Dr. Jutta Geldermann (right in the picture) the chair of the award committee and the other winners of the GOR dissertation award.

On the occasion of the OR2023 conference in Hamburg from 29.08. to 01.09., Dr. Julia Sudhoff Santos was awarded the GOR Dissertation Prize.

The GOR Dissertation Award honors outstanding dissertations in the field of Operations Research and is awarded by the German Society for Operations Research, the professional society for the scientific field of Operations Research and Mathematical Optimization. In Ms. Sudhoff Santo's thesis "Ordinal Costs in Multi-objective Combinatorial Optimization" ordinal costs are studied in general combinatorial problems and in matroid problems. Ordinal costs are used whenever a property is not numerically measurable, but can only be sorted into ordered categories. Examples are the safety of roads, the nutri-score or Olympic medals.

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