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Multiobjective Optimization

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Klamroth
Prof. Dr. Luís Paquete (University of Coimbra)
Dr. Michael Stiglmayr


The lecture will be combination of video tutorials and a reading course, i.e. some parts will be subject to own preparation at home, others will be covered in video lectures. In a weekly zoom-meeting we discuss last week's chapter or article, take a closer look at some proofs and discuss exercise sheets.A success of a reading course is based on the thorough preparation and active participation of all students in the meetings!

First lecture: Wednesday 4.11.20 at 12:15 on Zoom

Weekly meeting: wednesdays at 12:15 on Zoom


  •     introductory examples, problem definition
  •     definition of optimality and existential statements
  •     scalarization methods
  •     multiobjective linear optimization
  •     multiobjective combinatorial optimization



Knowledge of linear, nonlinear and combinatorial optimization from the modules Operations Research I and II.


    Ehrgott, M.: Multicriteria Optimization. Springer Publishing House, Berlin Heidelberg, 2005
    further literature will be linked during the semester in the Moodlekurs.

Moodle course The password will be announced in the first lecture.

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